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Take a look at the photo, we're just about to move into this house, any ideas of what we can do in terms of adding plants rather than a square or grass?



  • KT53KT53 Posts: 8,750

    It's difficult from a photo to get a real sense of size, and probably more importantly orientation.  Does the garden face north, east, south or west and roughly what size is it?

    Are there children and/or pets to consider?

  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,358

    That little bit of grass at the end of the deck looks a likely candidate for removal. You might then be able to add a few climbers along the wall (behind your seating/dining area at the other end) Something like a Clematis montana for instance, which will cover a good distance, and it'll grow towards that sunny end quite readily. You could add a simple pergola to give you a bit more privacy from the adjacent housing - you seem a bit overlooked in that area.  You could then take out the extra 'matching' rectangle across the path and create something there. I'm assuming you look out on to that area from your house, so some structure for during winter could be good. The garage wall could have climbers too - a border along there would be straightforward to do. If you're overlooked down the other (left hand) side, you may want a couple of large shrubs or small trees for privacy. Making the grass circular or oval is a simple way of creating borders too.

    It depends how much grass you want to remove for planting into, and that's dependent on how much time you have to spend on maintenance, and also on aspect and what you use the garden for, as KT53 says. Budget is always a factor too.  

    It's hard to be more specific until you give a little more info . Your likes in terms of style and colour etc will help with planting suggestions image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • richwellsrichwells Posts: 2


    thanks for your reply. The garden is North facing. No children yet, just two cats.

    Ive attached another image for reference as I'm not sure on size 

    thabks in advance

  • BobFlannigonBobFlannigon Posts: 619

    Personally I'd want to reduce the amount of windows overlooking the garden, so I'd probably look to move or remove a slice of the decking and plant a few trees (in the ground) along the wall that can gain some height and add privacy.

    Presumably that right-hand wall is approximately east-facing, then?  So it should do okay for sunlight at the bottom of the garden this time of year.  I wouldn't plant anything too dependent on sunlight as the wall, the aspect and more significantly the houses close-by (including your own) will suppress it a fair bit.

    Judging by the shadow pattern in your photo I'd think you might get away with a flower-bed or fruit tree(s) along the wall of the garage at the bottom of the garden.

    As fairy says, it does depend on what you like.  I might be inclined to see how the grass fairs as you might find it turns a bit mossy, especially close to the house and that may impact your decisions.

  • Heidi92Heidi92 Posts: 11

    If you are considering adjusting or extending the patio it might be worth talking to the builders or owner to see if there are any matching slabs left over whilst you in contact with them. :)

  • Heidi92Heidi92 Posts: 11

    What would I do? You ask. For the landscaping itself I would do something like this. Then add my favourite plants and work around them or ask for more plant suggestions on here. :)image

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