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Splitting a Yucca type tree

gled74gled74 Posts: 2



This yucca type tree is in our front garden, i would like to split it if possible but i dont know if doing so will harm it

I have no idea what it is, i wondered if it was some sort of yucca

If someone could tell me what it is and if it can be divided and how best to do so that would be great



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,199

    It looks like a Cordyline to me and is the smaller stem towards the back of the picture the bit you want to split from the parent plant? If it is the case then you can actually just split the smaller stem from the main plant. Its probably best to do this in the Spring.

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  • gled74gled74 Posts: 2

    Ok thats great, thanks for getting back to me 

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