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drooping heliopsis

I have got a lot of Heliopsis in the garden and love them ,as they flower all Summer.However,I keep finding stems drooping as though they are thirsty.They eventually go brown and die,but the rest of the plant is ok.If I pull the stem out,it comes out easily and I can't see any damage to the stem etc.A few days later another stem will start to do the same thing.I can't see any insects and have no idea what is doing it.Has anyone else found the same thing?.No other types of plants are affected except Heliopsis.


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 52,045

    Not sure what the problem is Valerie - I'd have guessed lack of water if a plant's drooping as that's usually the case during hot summer weather - if you're having it! 

    The alternative is too much water. Have you perhaps been watering them a lot to combat the heat? If the ground isn't free draining enough, they might actually be a  bit waterlogged and it's causing them to rot   image

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  • valerie38valerie38 Posts: 3

    No,because it is only one stem at a time and the rest of the plant is OK.The whole plant would be affected if it was drought or too much watering. I have grown these plants for years and have only had this problem this year and last.It is also happening with the variegated "Sunburst",which are my pride and joy.I am thinking it is some sort of insect which attacks one stem at a time ,but cannot find any evidence of anything.

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