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For some months now I've noticed my new leaves on my bulbs have been chewed off. Also chewed off were the new top growth of some of my plants, mostly the roses. The mystery was solved by seeing a deer in the garden one morning. The deer became a frequent visitor!! Unwelcome visitor causing havoc!! Anybody else have this challenge? Any help/suggestions most welcome please.


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    Well I do sympathise with your dilemmma, I do not have thisproblem. But when last year I was in searchof something to repel unwanted animals, I came across some electronic devices that transmit a signal that animals including Deer do not like.. I think they were about £40 for the one for Deer..  It is worth a Google..  Good luck..

    A cheap temporary fix might be buy a pot or two of ground pepper and sprinkle it over the top of the plants they favour, spray the top growth first then wheb watering later water lower down..  After sneezing ans finding it a bit hot,they move on to easier pickings..  image It works for rabbits and they can be a pain, they love rose buds!!

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    A few years ago I heard that lion poo which has been treated and pelleted could be used as a deer deterrent and human hair hung in muslin bags (needs replacing after lots of rain) around the garden works too.

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    You need a of those ones that aren't 'cheap'...

    A 'deer' fence. image

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    They can be a nuisance - very nice at a distance, but not so good in a cultivated garden. There are lists of plants which are supposedly deer resistant, but that's probably as much use as the ones that are supposedly  rabbit proof. It depends on the severity of the problem. A physical barrier is normally the only successful long term deterrent unfortunately.

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    Hi fluffy cloud.

    I really sympathise with you, we have this problem too. They may look cute like Bambi but they can chew through your plants so fast!  My roses got eaten a few weeks ago and I lost some spring flowering plants too. 

    I really don't know what we can do.........we back onto fields and woodland. Beautiful to see them running around together but a different story when they jump the fences. And they can jump quite high! 

    We googled plants too but they seem to like quite a few. There were also suggestions of hanging different items around the garden, but that doesn't appeal to me at all. 

    Sorry no help really.'s the way you tell 'emimage

  • Do you know what type of deer it is?  From what you've said so far it sounds as though it might well be Muntjak, which are spreading all over the UK now - they are solitary deer rather than herd animals.  Because they're quite small I don't think they can jump very high, and they probably push their way into your garden through gaps in the hedging. 

    If it is a Muntjak, the chances are you can keep it out by using strong stock netting - the type which is made from wire (a mixture of squares/rectangles rather than hexagon shapes) - and this is easily obtained from fencing suppliers.  It's straightforward to install and only.needs the kind of posts which - when put in - leave around 4ft above ground level.

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