Automatic Watering system

Could you share your experiences with us please - good or bad. We are thinking of installing one over the winter as I am forever lugging heavy watering cans around the garden much to the detriment of my aching back. We have just picked up a leaflet on the Hozelock easy drip.


  • Pete.8Pete.8 Billericay, EssexPosts: 4,610

    Just a general observation - I put in a system to water my garden back in the 90's. It was a combination of sprinklers/sprayers and drips, and It worked very well.
    But I found I was forever putting a fork or spade through some hose branch and having to replace it.
    After a few years I got tired of unblocking and replacing bits, and pulled it all up.

    The Hozelock system may well be different, I don't know it, but hope you have more success than I did.

    Good luck.

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  • Thanks for your detailed reply Doghouse, and your system obviously is a huge help to maintaining your garden. I got OH to read this as it will be mostly his work to install it, along with my helpful advice and so all your comments will be taken in and at present we will just gather information and people's experiences until we decide which is the best way forward.  In the meantime for anyone else who has used this system of watering please feel free to impart your knowledge. Pete8, the fault wasn't with the system but with your energetic gardening fork - at least it wasn't your foot that got in the way!

  • It's great that you made a photographic record showing the insertion of your automatic system Doghouse. We plan to investigate our old well water supply - as it hasn't been used for 25 years or so, we are not sure how deep it is & what type of pump we would need to draw the water to the surface. We may need some expert advice, but will start to investigate this coming week as my husband has some time free from his office. Thanks for passing on your knowledge and experience.

  • PheoPheo Posts: 14

    Hope you don't mind if I jump in!

    id like to look at one of these but mainly for my pots, not having too many issues with the beds.

    However my main use case is to water plants while we are away.  But do I need a fancy controller if so?  Eg with a rain meter or perhaps the hoselock cloud connected one.  

    Otherwise is the risk you overwater because it decides to pour down the entire time you are away?  Or am I worrying about nothing and should get a simple controller.

  • Pheo I share your concern regarding pots of plants - they seem to need watering everyday with this hot dry weather that we are having now. The plants in the beds have a chance to send their roots further down into the soil to find moisture, but pots dry out so quickly don't they. I haven't done enough research yet to be able to reply to your questions, but could you ask a friendly neighbour or relative to step in to water your plants? If not, Doghouse may be able to answer your questions.

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