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Can I move these plants now?

I have three plants growing in the wrong place but they are all in full bloom so I'm not sure if now is the right time to move them.  Trouble is, once they've finished for the year they disappear back into the soil, so I'd rather move them when I can see them.  I want to keep them because they are nice and the bees love them but they are definitely in the wrong place

At the moment they are blocking the light from getting to my veg plot so they need to go soon.

I've added a pic - I think the two on the left are geraniums and I'm not sure what the deeper purple one is on the right but we used to have so much of it in a previous garden that I kept pulling it out.  In our current garden we have a fairly sunny and well-drained slope that tends to be colonised by weeds so I was thinking of moving these three to there and hoping they will self-seed and help us keep the weeds under control.

Any thoughts welcome, including the best position for them - at the moment they are in pretty much full sun but in the tiniest amount of average soil in the top of a very low wall.




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    The pink one on the left looks like musk mallow and is a short-lived perennial but usually grows as an annual.  The purple one on the left is also a mallow, this time a pure annual so appears from self-sown seeds.  The purple one on the right is purple toadflax which is another short-lived perennial but, again, usually grows as an annual and self-seeds prolifically.  None of them will like being moved at this stage and will almost certainly die but may manage to form seeds before that happens.

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