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Sad front garden


This should probably go into the 'hall of shame' thread!

The very sad bushes on the left are in the neighbour's garden - I think it's two(?) hebes at the front? Whatever they are, they're clearly very sad, if not dead.

There's not much soil under the stones and the bushes have probably had any moisture and nutrients that were there.

The front part gets sun for most of the day, the rest gets sun in the morning, before it goes over the house.

First, is there anything I can do to help the bushes on next door's side? I know I can cut down any bits that encroach onto our side, but I'd like to help heal the plants if I can. Next door rents and doesn't know anything about gardening - she hacked down almost everything else in an attempt to 'tidy it up', but she means well.

Next, any ideas for plants that might grow in the stony bit (apart from weeds)? I thought some sort of thyme might be OK or houseleeks?



  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    The quick fix on your neighbour's bushes is food and water - try a couple of cans of general fertilizer, and I think you'll see a difference.

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