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Looking for help with garden design!


I have a London flat with side access to the back garden. The back garden contains a shed so I'm not focused on that part.

I've never done much gardening before and wondered if someone could give a helping hand with the design.

I don't want something too modern as it wouldn't align with the house (Victorian)

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



  • Have you looked online for any inspiration? Do you have anything in mind? A blank canvas can be daunting. But do you want grass, paved, or gravel? Maybe draw out the plot and have a mess around with the layout and different ideas. Pinterest is great for inspiration:

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    Hi craigy. Can I just ask if the left hand side of the garden is the path as it looks as if it maybe? The area to the right seems a shady area and would lend itself to a Victorian fernery. Apparently the Victorians were crazy about them. I would get the path sorted first - decide on your material as katie.janee suggests and then think about the plants. There are many beautiful ferns in all sizes and the leaf variations are wonderful. You could even add a tree fern to give height to the garden.

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    Omg what an amazing starting point, I love your garden already! So much potential... :D

    The design below is very much victorian style with the focus being on leaf shape, colour and texture from plants that can cope with the shade of your garden. Yet it is clean and modern at the same time and would suit your house a treat. Here's what I got:


    The previous borders are fantastic. Up to you how you do the path, gravel, brickweave, stone tiles, decking as they all would work.

    If you get all of the plants the same variety it will give the garden a more modern feel. And If you vary the varieties it will give the garden more rustic tones but both will work with the victorian building. 

    For the first couple of years you could plant violas and cyclamen in amongst the plants until they are fully established and you could underplant bulbs such as snowdrops, bluebells and lily of the valley to extend the seasons of interest in you amazing garden. :D

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