Lawn renovation questions

Hello all

I am currently in the process of renovating my lawn and would like some advice please.

I have managed to kill all weeds (that I can see) in the lawn.

I have also just raked up two bags worth of moss

I’m about to spread a combined mixture of feed/weedkiller/moss killer to (hopefully) kill off any remaining moss

In 2 to 3 weeks time, I will rake up the blackened dead moss

Then in early September, I plan to overseed the lawn with grass seed

 So my questions are?

1. I have read about needing to fertilise the lawn with a slow release fertiliser either before or after, laying the grass seed. As I will have just applied lawn feed (as part of the weedkiller/moss killer mixture), do I still need to apply fertiliser to the lawn before or after laying the grass seed?  Reason I’m asking is, would a second lawn feed application cause any problem? as it would be applied around 6 weeks after the one I’m about to apply. 

2. If I do need to apply fertiliser for the grass seed, do I need to apply it before, at the same time or after laying the grass seed? If before or after, how long before or after should I apply it? 

3. Again, if I do need to apply lawn feed for the grass seed, the choice in lawn feed products is quite big. Any recommendations on products suitable for my purpose of overseeding the lawn? The ones I have been looking at are as follows:      

    though concerned about instructions saying not to apply till 6 weeks after laying grass seed. Not sure if they mean for new lawns or both new or existing lawns??

    though not sure whether soluble is better than granules


         Not sure if this product is appropriate


4. When applying the grass seed to the lawn, I have read on some sites about mixing the seed with general purpose compost or laying the seed and then applying a thin layer of compost.  DO I need to do this or is this advisory? 

If I need to mix it with compost, how much compost should I be mixing it with?  I have 1Kg of seeds which will be spread over about 40to 45sq metres (though I probably wont be using the entire 1kg as I believe the amount to lay per inch is less than if seeding a new lawn).  Just to clarify I will be spreading the grass seed using an evergreen easy spreader plus.  

If I need to apply compost to the lawn after laying the seeds, how many litres worth would I need for a lawn around 45 to 50sq metres

            Apologies for some of the long winded questions but I would like to get this right and seem to read conflicting advice on various web sites


  • PalaisglidePalaisglide Posts: 3,414

    Jimmybog, quite a big order there and it has me slightly fazed. What did you use to kill the weeds? is the grass around the weeds still green or brown? two bags of moss is about normal to lift from a lawn, I put it on the compost. Feed and weed (any make it is all the same) would be applied as soon as the grass comes back to life after winter and I use soluble spread it on the lawn then water it in if it does not rain. Six weeks later do the same again, most weed including daisies and dandelions will have gone then normal cutting until Autumn. Then you spread a Winter feed and weed which is a slow release, the grass rests through winter so cannot take up too much fertiliser hence slow release. October you could rake the lawn Aerate it by prodiing all over with a fork or using an aerator tool. Prepare some sharp washed sand with compost and throw it in handfuls across the lawn, now brush it into the holes with a stiff broom then leave it. If there are bare patches scrape them with a rake spread some seed mixed with compost water in and leave. Come the Spring then renovate any bare patches remember it needs to grow and form good root before cutting with a mower, I shear the first couple of times and not too short. We used that system on our bowling greens also leveling which you can do on a normal lawn by using a long straight batton from one fixed corner and filling any dips with compost and seed. My own lawns get the treatment as above have been down years and still look good. Two rules for lawns, Do not walk on them when very wet and Do not overfeed.


  • Jimmybog1Jimmybog1 Posts: 2

    Thanks frank for all that advice. Makes sense to me now!!

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