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Stressed Hydrangea

Hi Everyone,

A number of the leaves on my Hydrangea Macrophylla have turned brown, dry and crispy.  Any ideas what could be causing this?  Lack of water?




  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    Possibly. It probably can't hurt to give it more water, even if there's something else going on too, a well hydrated plant is more likely to recover.  Having said this, hydrangeas do like a well-drained soil, they don't like their roots sitting in soggy ground.

    I give mine (it's very large and well-established) a whole big watering can a day, more if it's really hot - one in the morning, one in the evening, if I don't it gets droopy very quickly. Try and get the water in at the roots (not on the foliage) and avoid watering in the hottest part of the day, or you'll scorch the plant.

    I also give it some seaweed tonic every now and then.

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344


  • Fluffy CloudFluffy Cloud Posts: 200

    Lovely, healthy looking plants. I water my 2 hydrangea plants root-wise daily.

  • SparklesJDSparklesJD Posts: 344

    Thanks both!

    ...Although I was just reading on another thread not to water them so often! Maybe it depends on your soil, ours, although clay, is quite free-draining.

  • 1634 Racine1634 Racine Posts: 568

    Nice one Sparkles.  That is a great display.

    I've ended up trimming off most of the damaged leaves and I have given the roots a proper good soaking.  I never really bother watering or feeding any of my plants that are not in containers (other than roses and clematis) but I guess that is going to have to change. 

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