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Non Flowering Agapanthus

SusieQ5SusieQ5 Posts: 8

Any agapanthus experts out there who can tell me what is the best way to bring agapanthus into flower?  I bought three different varieties about five years ago and planted them in a sunny spot  (ha-ha - no sun to be had in Cheshire this year) and after two years I read that they flower better if their roots are restricted in a pot.  So, up they came and I replanted them in largish terracotta pots and I waited.  Finally, this year one of them is about to burst into flower with eight flower spikes, but the other two are just showing plenty of leaf growth but nothing else.  I also found that I had obviously left a bit in the garden when I dug then up and that one is about to flower too even though it is much smaller.  So, what is the answer?  They are all on a south facing patio against a warm wall and they were overwintered in an unheated greenhouse and have been fed fairly regularly.  What else can I do to make them flower for me?


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,046

    I bought my last lot of agapanthus from a guy with 750 different varieties. He says they're best in the ground, but the soil here is solid clay in places so mine are all in pots. 

    The biggest problem is folk letting the dry out at the end of summer ( apparently )

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