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Specimen tree for small woodland style garden


We have recently bought our new forever home and I have started to roughly map out what I would like to do with the garden. I'm a confirmed and unashamed Nemophile and really want to bring that love of woodland to my garden by planting a tree or maybe a even couple of trees.

The plot is small - well its 3 plots really but I only intend to use the side for a woodland garden which is roughly 20m(L)X10m(W). Its West facing and seems to get quite a bit of sun when that mysterious golden disc reveals itself! I haven't checked the soil yet but it is very close to our old house which had slightly acidic well drained sandy loam soil.

I would like a get a fairly spreading tree that hopefully in 20+years we can sit under its canopy - I'm not too concerned about how much shade it gives as the garden does not have any neighbours and it wouldn't trouble anyone if the canopy escaped the boundaries as we are next to common land - I also really want to create a natural woodland oasis with shade loving and tolerant woodland shrubs and perennials that will attract wildlife etc. - not too ambitious for such a small plot!??

I've looked a couple of trees but am really at a loss what to go for or what would work in a garden of my size or with the style I'm looking for.

Some advice would be most appreciated....

Many thanks




  • sven1980sven1980 Posts: 17

    ....Also I am what you would call a keen but very clueless gardener and have never designed a garden before so I've probably bitten off more than I can chew!

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  • MrMahoniaMrMahonia Posts: 82

    how about a magnolia. they dont grow too large and they love to be west facing. also a stunning sight in spring

  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,710

    Hello Sven. Why not go for an English oak? These trees have the potential to house a huge variety of wildlife.

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