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Agapanthus has not flowered - what am I doing wrong?!

Ms MagooMs Magoo Posts: 13

I have some agapanthus plants which flowered beautifully last year but have not come back this year. The leaves are looking healthy and it hasn't been affected by frost this year, so I'm at a loss. I know they like to have their roots restricted but perhaps I have restricted them too much - I have 5 very big plants in one container - which didn't seem to bother them last year at all, but this year they just have not appeared. What am I doing wrong?!


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,046

    I'm not expert, but if they get dry in late summer/ early autumn, it cuts down flowering the following season. 

    I have about 60 in pots, and I have to say, none of mine are overly restricted, nor overpotted. I find if the roots are visible then they're fine, but I sometimes see just a mass of roots, so dense, it's impossible to see compost. 

  • Joyce21Joyce21 Posts: 15,489

    Ms Magoo -  I am in Scotland and my agapanthus came into bud last week. The stems are still only about eight inches high.  It may depend on the climate where you are.

    SW Scotland
  • Ms MagooMs Magoo Posts: 13

    Thanks Joyce21 - I am in London so would have thought they would be here by now. They were monsters last year - about 4 foot high!

  • Ms MagooMs Magoo Posts: 13

    Thanks all!image

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