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 andHi all,

I had new turf laid down over part of my garden on Friday ( old patio was removed) by a gardener. I commented on how different the two sections of lawn looked and he said this was because the old lawn was full of moss and advised something like Evergreen to darken the old lawn. Is this right or could he have bought turf as close as possible to my existing lawn type? The new lawn is very very dark green and the grass looks tightly packed, the old lawn grass type looks less coarse and a different shade of green (a light mid green)

Also the turf he laid now has very large gaps all around- up to two inches. It has been watered since being laid down- is this normal and what can be done to rectify it? I did think it wasn't butted together as I'd expect on Friday and he said it would be alright in a while, now I'm not so sure.

Thanks in advance if you've taken the time to read this and I appreciate any advice you can offer.

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    Ask him to come back .

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    I agree with archiepem. Get the fellow back and let him know you are unhappy with the job. It is very difficult normally to match grass type and colour though so don't get your hopes up. If he has or is from a reputable company then advise him - last resort - if he doesn't put things right you will be getting in touch with Trading Standards. They will always ask you if you have spoken to the person so make sure you  speak to him amd give him a chance to rectify the faults. As long as he is prepared to keep coming back Trading Standards won't act.

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    Thanks  for your responses. I have emailed him and  he is coming back tomorrow. He came recommended from my husbands work colleagues so it is all very disappointing but  I will keep a record of correspondence and photographic evidence in case it is needed.

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    Thats a really good idea. Document everything.

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    There shouldn't be any gaps between newly laid turfs.  In this weather it will need to be watered almost every day or the turfs will shrink.  As the new turf if dark in colour it doesn't sound as if it has been stored for long as it would actually be pale and straggly if it had been.

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