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Insect Hotels in Austria (revisited)

The annual mid-summer visit to my favourite Austrian waterhole offered an opportunity to revisit the Ruming Mill (near Fuschl am See) 'insect hotel' and see just "who's at home" this summer...


*The first frame is a 'ringer' that, frankly, is not what it's all about! - [the commercially inspired answer perhaps???].

The more traditional structure has various cells/ compartments that seem to be dominated by several lone Mason Bee cells  (partially & fully waxed in). Spiders and earwigs find a home in the corners, nooks & crannies. The ants' nest seen last year (June 2015) has now 'moved on' - pehaps they didn't get on with their close neighbours??!!


  • Lou12Lou12 Posts: 1,149

    I love all those. Such great designs.

    My sister gave me an insect hotel for my birthday and I love checking out the current residents image

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