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Rose identification help please

Hi - I wonder if anyone can help. when we bought our house there was no garden left, even though we were told that the elderly gentleman who once lived there was a very keen gardener. The house is Georgian and we were told that there were some very old peonies and just one variety of roses left. (Pictured)  There were 5 roses, planted in a line sort of like a hedge, but they don't look like hedging roses to me. 

The flowers had a lovely citrus scent and it flowers all sunmer. It is not at all disease resistant and the buds often die.

Any advice on how to improve the plants would be wonderful and also an idea of variety.  Many thanks. 




  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,768

    Hi Christina. Unfortunately too many roses look incredibly similar so it is very difficult to identify them. You could try contacting rose specialists and they may be able to give you more assistance. Meanwhile, you can enjoy what is a lovely rose - despite its weaknesses. It does look like an English rose - this is a type of rose which has that lovely blowsy centre. Is it growing in shade in your garden? Its hard to tell from your picture. They like sunshine and a good feed now and again with a mulch in the Winter.

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  • Thank you - I've tried to reply a couple of times and can't tell if it has or not.  

    I have these roses in a variety of places now and they all behave in the same way. I love them! 

    Thanks anyway x

  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36

    Hi,   this is my first time here.   I have planted two peony roses for first time and I was wondering how I can help them thru winter.    How long before they flower?

    Also, what plants would encourage more frogs to my garden.   I dont have a pond but have frogs and would like to encourage more frogs.


  • Hi - frogs will come to any water so even a large bucket submerged into the ground. Make sure there are some stones for them to be able to get Ina me out easily. 

    In the UK I give my roses a good prune and maybe a mulch if garden compost in the winter. They should prune May/ June next year ?

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,589

    Is it a peony or a rose bush? if it is a peony, is it a tree peony or herbaceous peony?

    Long grass is good for frogs to hide in, they are all over my garden, hiding in borders under shrubs, but you really need water in the form of an accessible pond if you want frogs.

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,853

    Christina, did you ever find out what your rose is?

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  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36

    Hi thanks for your replies

    The peony is a Karl Rosenfield but I don't know if is a tree or herbaceous.  They are small and have not flowered this year but I only planted them in June this year.

    I love the idea of the bucket for the frogs - I think I will try that next spring.


  • Hi Busy-lizzie - no, still no idea about my rose,but it's still beautiful so it can be called Grotto Beauty as the house is called The Grotto. 

    Hachimag2016 - I really don't know much about peonies, only that they can be temperamental about flowering. I know people who have put them in and it has taken 2 or 3 years to flower. I would suggest looking it up on the RHS website or a peony specialist site for advice ?

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,853

    It's a herbaceous peony. I have found that peonies need time to get settled before flowering. But when they do the plant can live up to 50 years.

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  • hachimaghachimag Posts: 36

    thanks a mill for info on peony - I guess I will have to be patient. image

    Now can anyone tell me about the attached plants.    The first one just appeared in my garden - I have not idea what it is or how to mind it.


    The second plant is (I think) called Lantana.    When I got it it was tiny but has grown very tall with fab flowers.    Again the question is how to care for it    Thank in advance.


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