Hello Everyone

This year i have been unable to spend much time in the garden, and as you can imagine what with the weather we have been having and they way things have grown everywhere,  I have had a lot of catching up to do - mainly hacking back so far I'm afraid.

I have been tending my various potted plants outside and giving them a dose of fertiliser to pick them up. Last year I bought a phormium for the first time and planted it in a pot.  I was wondering if I need to add any special food to it to help it along.

Also any other helpful hints about them would be useful.

Many thanks


  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 20,934

    I don't do much to mine Madeleine. They thrive on neglect...well mine do anyway image

    I replace a bit of compost/soil each year, and they get the odd feed of tomato food or liquid seaweed if I remember. Other than that, I just cut out old foliage to allow new stuff to come through.

    They do benefit from being split every few years as it helps to retain  their colour and  vigour. image

    to walk through a forest is to touch the past

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    Hello Verdun, nice to see you image

  • Thank you very much, Verdun and Fairygirl. 

    Yes I think the snails have been having a bit of a nibble on mine which I left in shade over winter and have only just brought out into sunlight. Poor thing! But hopefully it will pick up if I give it a mild dose of tomato food and a bit of a trim.

    A new pot next spring might help too but will see how it goes.

    Thanks again

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 20,934

    Hey Verdi - good to 'see' you   image

    Nice bit of sunshine for them Madeleine - they like that best....   image  image

    Not quite so happy in shade. I think they make excellent pot specimens  though image

    to walk through a forest is to touch the past

  • Yes I agree.  I have admired them for years.

    Re shade - Isn't it best to put them somewhere in winter where they won't be attacked by frost?  

  • toxicdriptoxicdrip Posts: 13

    I have phormiums in pots. I give them some hortitop fertiliser once a season. My cultivars go down to -10c so I don't protect them in winter.

    My cordyline however isn't as hardy so I cover it with fleece and put it in the greenhouse.

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