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For the second year in a row I have bought Gardeners Delight tomato seeds and when they have come into fruit they are clearly the wrong variety. Last year they were Tigerella and this year I have a yellow plumb variety. Neither variety suit my needs, so I feel disappointed. In recent years I have had wrong varieties of beetroot and carrots. I can not recall th hadis happening previously and I think standards must be slipping. Are other people having problems?



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    I do hope that you have taken this up with the seed manufacturers.

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    AYM - What do you mean by "I go for bargain hunt" please?

    I've not had this problem - I usually buy Kings, Mr Fothergills and Sarah Raven seeds. Any disappointments are usually all my own making image

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    Ah - thanks Aym. Didn't understand you meant plants - thought it was another supplier of seeds.

    Glad the hellebore plugs are doing well. Some of those I started off in Jan 2015 are now plants well over 2' circumference and about 18" high - big plants for less than £1 each. The rest are all sizeable, healthy plants too. Bargain!

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    I find that a lot of people go for cheaper seeds via Ebay etc - many of these are sold by people who do not have the facilities to guard against cross-pollination and therefore the resulting seeds are frequently not as advertised.

    It is very costly to produce seeds properly, not to mention the investment needed to produce stable and worthwhile new varieties.  

    I would rather spend a little more on fewer seeds from reputable suppliers and get the right plants - cheap seeds are often a false economy, in my experience.  


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    hi epc  as a few members say sometimes  to buy cheap is not allways the best way I buy kings seeds we had a garden shop  and most of seeds (kings)  others also on sale  my mates in pub think I am daft buying good seeds and paying for toms seed up to £4 or close enough  I got some chinese cabbage and others seeds planted 10 got ten plants 8 of others got 8  that is what I want ( not that I am rubbishing the likes of lidil or others )     hope it helps    

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    hi amy280      that is the one   I also got fennel in like bulb form as well I have been wanting to try a few I got some moolie    think it is spelt ok     that I want to try a good few different types     we love chinnese foods       Michael

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    I buy my seeds from known seed companies. This year's seeds came from Kings who admitted they had a problem and were looking into it, I was pleased by their response, although annoyed at having a second year with tomatoes that did not perform as they should. Last year when I reported the problem with Tigerella to Thomson and Morgan I got the brush off. Needless to say no more seeds from them.

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    I only buy from reputable companies too. As Dove says, it's a costly process to produce quality seeds so it's always worth buying wisely.  image

    If I buy seeds on impulse from somewhere like B&Q (only lettuce as I go through a lot of it) I always regret it. Poor germination usually. Never again. The old saying, buy cheap, buy twice is very apt in this instance!

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    Aym, have a look at http://www.chilternseeds.co.uk/  - ask them to send you a catalogue - so many fascinating seeds and really great descriptions. 

    And if you grow veg you may be interested in these people http://www.realseeds.co.uk/


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    I love Chiltern seeds catalogue. No piccies, so you always had to look things up and rely on descriptions. Now they have pictures online but not in the catalogue. They are always good for something different.

    I think germination on T& M seed has declined, or maybe it is the quantity in the packet.

    Plant world seeds have some unusual stuff as well.

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