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virus in viburnum ??

David374 says:

Awaiting transfer to the garden,I have growing in a pot, Viburnum tinus Little Bognor., about now 45cm tall.  It has been planted for many weeks and growing normally up until last week, when I noticed the new growth, in particular, contorted and tending to face  downwards. There don't appear to be aphids, the soil is not over moist, other plants near it are fine, so even though I have not used weed killer in that area at all, I can rule out chemical drift, which a friend suggested. The leaves are shiny and the whole thing looks sturdy. Would you advise cutting back to see what happens?

If someone has had a similar experience, I would be thankful to know details?

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  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,164

    Is it possible that the plant has become root bound in the pot?

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  • David374David374 Posts: 11

    Thank you no, it is something very odd, virus perhaps. Has only been in pot a few weeks.

    Have contacted the nursery it came from.

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