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Wall/Hedge advice

The wooden fence at the end of my garden blew down. Ideally, I'd like to replace it with a hedge, but I share that boundary with a neighbour. 

I haven't spoken about it at length to the neighbour (who is fairly monosyllabic) but I get the impression that they wouldn't necessarily mind the hedge. 

I have a few questions: 

How long would a hedge (eg hawthorn) take to grow to 1.5-2 m? 

What are the most low-maintenance hedges? The neighbour might be ok with it in the nascent stages but might freak out of it got much too big. And he may also move away and be replaced with someone far less-hedge friendly and keen to reach for some solution beyond discussion. 

I'm just investigating my options and any pointers are very welcome. 


  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 37,226

    Hawthorn is quite quick growing and you can buy the whips (single stemmed plants) at 60cm. Planted in a double row but staggered, they will form a dense hedge eventually. Beech and berberis make low maintenance hedging.

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