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Super Cascade Begonias

Tayberry51 says:

Hi I bought some plug plants of Super Cascade Begonias from a well known seed catalogue (very disappointing but they have survived, just) Will this type of begonia form a corm by the end of the growing season?

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  • Jim7Jim7 Posts: 9

    I planted a basket last year with these trailing begonias and after flowering I brought it into my porch where it stayed all through the  winter .As the leaves and flower died I just pulled all the dead stuff out and the basket stayed  and was just left until the Springtime and one day I noticed some shoots starting to grow.I started watering and at this moment the basket is hanging outside and just starting to flower.

  • I bought some hanging begonia corms and want to plant them in my 21 inch hanging basket. How many should I plant which I guess the distance between each is what I am after. Any advice much appreciated.

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