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Laurel bush

Terry49Terry49 Posts: 2
Terry49 says:

My laurel bush which has been in my front garden before I moved here 27 years ago appears to be dying in part. I do need to cut it back occasionally as it impinges on a neighbours front garden.  There is new growth but it is also shedding dead leaves. I haven't cut it back for at least 6 months.  Any suggestions? 

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  • You can cut laurel back as hard as you like to the ground if necessary. They will shoot up again with lovely new growth. All evergreens have to loose leaves at some stage. Hollies moult at this time of the year, so don't worry about brown leaves.  Once you have chopped back give the bush a good soak and dig some compost around the roots to give the bush a boost. HTH

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  • Hi Terry I have a lot of Laurel spread throughout my garden and am always cutting them

    back. They are always throwing off dead leaves I think its just what they do.

    A few years back I cut some in the front bed right down to within a foot of the ground

    in a season they put on loads of growth. after a year they settled down and now look great.

    I think a good trim does them good so I would not worry about leaf fall..

  • Terry49Terry49 Posts: 2

    Thank you Nora GW, Nutcracker & Gardener John for you advice.  I'll see how things go and advise my concerned neighbour that the leaf shedding should cease.

    Kind regards


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