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Sunflower - advice on growing

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Our 3 year old was given some sunflower to grow from nursery and obviously is being very inpatient. I don't know the variety, assuming it is not one of those giant sunflowers, what size pot is normally needed. Not sure how is root system of sunflower. Currently the plant is growing in a small plastic water cup. Am I better off taking bottom of cup off and then planting whole thing as one or shall I try to move it to the pot? Ta


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    Most sunflowers are better off in the ground but if this is not an option then I would use a large pot - say about 28cm with some good compost. I would carefully cut the plastic water cup off the plant's rootball and remove it completely then place the sunflower in the big pot.

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    Sunflowers need to live outside, otherwise they get all spindly.  A decent sunflower should not need staking.  They have quite a deep root so really are best in the ground, but if you must use a pot then find the biggest one you have.  Generally potted sunflowers are not only small but have small flowers to match.  Then... feed them lots.

    I guess it depend show much you really care about it, if you're happy just to have it flower in then a pot is fine!  If it's only just coming up then it's pretty late so you might actually want to keep it indoors for a few weeks to help it catch up.

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    Thank you everyone.... 

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