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After reading this article I determined to look into organic bulbs for my spring flowers.  But I also wanted to get species tulips and I'm not seeing many or they are very very expensive.

If I plant species tulips from a non-organic wholesaler for example, will I really be poisoning the bees? 

I thought neonics were outlawed by the EU.  (We're not out yet and most spring bulbs come from Holland.)


  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 8,110

    The vast majority of plants, bulbs and seeds on general sale would raise the same question I suspect.

    Unless you purchase from a truly organic source, you are liable to be buying something which has been treated with "something".

    Not only bulbs which come from Holland.....a good percentage of plants on sale in the UK originate from there too.

    It's not so different from the food argument really......animals stuffed with Steroids, Antibiotics along with lower welfare standards.....edible crops sprayed with god knows what.....etc.  GM name it, we are consuming it .....mostly unintentionally.

    Be an awkward customer and ask........if nothing else, you may make a supplier " 'fess up " as to what he/she is actually selling.  If they cannot tell you to your satisfaction, look elsewhereimage

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