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Courses in plants / soft landscaping

I'm thinking of looking into doing a course in gardening.  I did a very basic garden design course about 10 years ago, and know this aspect isn't for me, but I love plants and learning what works where.

I'm wandering if it is possible to do courses on just this aspect, as I'm find a lot of courses are about all aspects of garden design. 

I'm wondering if eventually there might be a local market for me to offer advice to people on how to refresh their gardens without having to do all the hard landscaping aspect, just by changing plants.

Do you know of any, or are you able to recommend any courses which might be of interest.  I'm 25 mins from Wisley, but I'm thinking an online course might be best due to husband travelling with work and young children at school.

Has anyone done a course through Horticultural Correspondance College ? If so, any feedback.

Any advice gratefully received.  I'm giving up doing PTA for my kids school, so need to find something to fill my time, and give myself a project.

Thank you.


  • plant pauperplant pauper Posts: 6,904

    The RHS do Distance Learning courses but I've no idea of the content. You'll find that what you want to focus on is maybe a bit specific. With structured, certified courses it's hard to cherry pick and most courses will have different modules covering all aspects of gardening. You may have better luck finding a hobby style course at your local tech or college or you could join a garden club and focus on the bits that interest you. 

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