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Blight resistant tomatoes

DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 64,438

This year I sowed three tomato varieties - Sungold, the freebie Supersweet 100s from GW mag, and Crimson Crush which are advertised as being blight resistant.

As usual I swapped some of my plants with a friend - however after 10 days of her tom plants being in my little greenhouse with my plants all of hers looked very poorly (blighty) and I scrapped them.  Mine all looked ok at that stage.

However, now my three Sungolds and four Supersweets are all showing signs of blight (on leaves and black blotches on stems) and I'm binning them today.image  My friend says she's had to bin all of hers too.  

The Crimson Crush (blight resistant) show no signs of blight so far.

My fingers are very crossed image

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  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 35,050

    What a shame Dove. image

    I don't know if I've just been lucky, but I've never had blight. Fingers crossed that your other ones are ok. It's certainly a good test for them.

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  • I also lost all of my sungold and supersweet early on when the plants were still small with just a couple of sets of leaves. seemed to get mildew and curl up, had to get rid of them. Having said that, I've go no problem with any of the other varieties, which range from gardener's delight to 'Black Russian' beefsteak, all of which seem to be quite robust. My supersweet 100 were also the GW freebees.  

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  • Green MagpieGreen Magpie Posts: 802

    Sorry to hear of your lost tomatoes, Dove. It's been a blighty and mouldy sort of summer so far, with constant dampness over everything. "Do not water from above" say some books. Ha! Has anyone told God?

    My Sungold are fine so far, and the other variety I grow, Losetto, is blight resistant. I have never had much trouble with blight on Sungold, although I do give a pre-emptive spray now and then.  We will be interested to hear how your Crimson Crush tomatoes turn out for yield and flavour.

    My garlic is all going yellow and mouldy, and the shallots have simply failed to thrive. My rasps have also failed, with most of the canes dying, and the roots all black and brittle.  The strawberries  have a lot of mould, but a great crop nevertheless. Being only a few metres from a beehive has probably helped!  Broad beans have some chocolate spot but are still cropping well.  Mangetout are fantastic this year - a huge crop with no disease.

    Win some, lose some ....   Now, how shall we have our strawberries tonight?

  • First year of growing tomatoes from seed. Grew Sungold, San Marzano Lungo, Gardeners delight, Marmade and a late addition - Mountain Magic  all in my new greenhouse.

    For the last 3 months these have been my babies and my life has revolved around them... along with a few other veg. I even set up an irrigation system in the greenhouse. All my neighbors, friends and even the plumber has been given plants.

    I have been hit by blight!

    All but my Mountain magic are crispy and brown and today I have to bin them! I,m heartbroken!

    But, I,m not going to give up. I will try and find any blight resistant varieties left in the garden centres and will try again next year.

    Will have to try and find out how to decontaminate the greenhouse.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 64,438

    Well, the blight resistant Crimson Crush are definite winners - I shall grow them again.  

    Not a sign of blight or any other fungal-type disease.  

    Strong healthy plants grown outside in pots on a south-east facing terrace produced a good crop of medium to large-ish fruits with a delicious sweet tomato flavour when ripe.  image

    “I am not lost, for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” Winnie the Pooh

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