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I have a row of 7 Red-Robins and 1 in the middle is losing its leaves!!!  What can I do to save this one and prevent it happening to the others??? ????

Thank you. 


  • Diane95Diane95 Posts: 3

    Thank you Chloe, I'll definitely give your suggestions a go.

  • BenDoverBenDover Posts: 480

    Sorry, but I find Red Robin an absolute PITA!  It grows too quick, constantly drops leaves (and they don't rot down because they are shiny, if you get my drift), all the new leaves are on the outside but the inside of it is completely bare.  I've hacked mine back several times and it just gets bigger every year.  Last year I took it down 6 foot, and its already grown back 4!  This year I'm going to cut it down and leave a 4 foot stump.  Hoping it might kill it, then I'll remove the stump and plant a Pittosporum.  

  • Diane95Diane95 Posts: 3


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