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Borders, Planting & Mulch

I have just just resurrected and prepared a south facing border in my garden which is around 2m deep and 5m long. The soil appears to be in great condition and I have been shopping for new plants yesterday.

My question is, once I have decided on plant positions and have planted, should I carry out any work on the top soil surface?

I know you can mulch, but I see that as bark chippings. Is this the best thing to do, or just leave as soil, or is the correct meaning of mulch the decomposed compost?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 1,871

    You can mulch with chippings and that will make it easier to spot and remove any weeds, or you can leave the soil bare and occasionally mulch with well rotted compost. The latter will improve the soil structure and the worms will do all the work of pulling it down into the earth. I sometimes chuck down a mulch of rotted chippings made from all the shrub and hedge prunings and that gradually gets incorporated into the lumpy compost. Basically, if you chuck it on the soil surface, its mulch.

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