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Low growing flowers for lawn alternative



  • BLTBLT Posts: 525

    I have heard of people having a Clover lawn... But most lawns are going to have clover appear and some time my clover grows faster than the actual grass...

      What ever you decie I wish you good luck with it.. It needs to be dense and what happens if you walk on it, will it take 'Wear' like grass does..

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  • Nanny BeachNanny Beach Posts: 8,343

    I have tried for the past 4 years to get a wildflower bit going by an apple tree. Firstly, seed, nothing germinated, then wildflower plugs, quite expensive, and scoffed by slugs. Last year I treaed myself to a piece of wildflower turf, its expensive £35.00 plus delivery and nearly killed me digging the grass out for it.  Its has come back this year,b  ut a lot of the plants are very tall, the ones I am not keen on,  I very much wanted field poppies, I have planted plugs twice this year, field poppies,cornflowers,oxeye daisies, and slug pelletts, have gone out several times a day checking for slugs and snails. Monday after the rain I got a staggering 29 slugs and 2 snails from a piece of ground a foot square, (it was an antsnest,OH removed) Folk, who dont know just think I have an area of weeds.  Did you make sure these plants are suitable for your soil? We are on clay which is underwater in winter and baked dry in summer, I have now ordered some wildflower plugs, and seeds for the autumn specially for clay soil, and am keeping my fingers crossed.  But, as other folk right said, unless you concrete the whole lot over, you still have work, what about camomile, makes a lovelly not lawn, smells good and doesnt mind being walked on.  I got my turf from Wiggly Wiggelers

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