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Can anyone ID these two

atul2atul2 Posts: 3


I would be most grateful to anyone who might be able to help me id the two plants shown above.

The one on the left is a flowering shrub about 60cm in height. I cannot recall planting it.  It started growing in early March.  It appeared rather agressive in its growth so I nearly decided to suppress it but then let it be.  It started flowering about 4 weeks ago and now has multiple bunches of small flowers with a delicate scent. Although not visible in the image the flowers are "two tone" - with a red center that fades to pink.

The second is a ground cover plant that I bought about 5 years ago.  It was smaller than 10cm in diameter when I first planted it.  It has now grown to cover an area of over 2 square meters.  It appears to keep to itself, has never flowered and is no higher than 7-8 cm.  My wife often jokes that if we visit our village in 100 years from now we will find that it has been replaced by a carpet of this green stuff.


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,569

    I think the first one is a sweet william. The second appears to have tiny yellow flowers in the axils, it is probably one of the ground cover sedums.

  • atul2atul2 Posts: 3

    You may well be right.  I googled for a few images based on your answer.  The second one looks remarkably like the one in this picture

    With the Sweet William the leaf is easily ID'd. The ones on my plant look remarkably like the ones here

    Just how it ended up in my garden is a mystery.  I gather that it is usually grown from seed.  I certainly did not buy the seed.  I have a patch of wild flowers just alongside so it might well be that it slipped in with them.  In any case it is more than welcome to stayimage.

    Thank you for your help.

  • mushermusher Posts: 389

    first one definetly a sweet william

  • tom9760tom9760 Posts: 44

    sweet William a cert,the other looks like possibly Raouila australis or one of the same family.

  • atul2atul2 Posts: 3

    I checked out Raoulia Australis.  I have to say what I have looks more like a sedum.  Thank you for the answer though.  I did not know of Raoulia Australis.  It looks like a handy little ground cover to try out somewhere else in our garden

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