Not for the faint hearted..............

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Clematis ' My Angel ' is an absolute thug, very invasive.

But on the plus side, it is reliably hardy, puts on an excellent show of hundreds, if not thousands, of flowers and has lovely glaucous blue foliage.



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    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
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    My goodness, the density of this plant is amazing Richard - how long have you been growing it and in what part of the garden? It looks to be in tip top condition. I am still dithering with my plug clematis which are now about 12 inches tall and still in the cold GH and they look pathetic against this beautiful My Angel.

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    That's nice Richard, I like a thug

    Is it related to this one, 'Vince Denny' ? (the one in the middle), I can see similarities


    I've got a piece of that coming along nicely, not in the ground yet

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,515

    These little flowers please me much more than the large flowered hybrids

  • Richard HodsonRichard Hodson Posts: 639

    Yes, both intricata, I believe.   Super plant Vince Denny, but best  to keep an eye on him too, he can be a tad invasive but beautiful mahogany flowers, then the seedheads, what is the blue clem in your picture, please ?

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,515

    I can't remember re the blue one Richard but I should be able to find out. It's at Kathy Browns's garden in Bedfordshire, where some of us visited last year. She gave me the piece of Vince D. The yellow one is probably Sundance which she also gave me but I failed to keep alive. 

    I'll email that pic top Kathy and ask.

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    I also have Harry Smith, another related heavyweight, but a remarkable story with this one.

    Harry Smith was, allegedly, a plant hunter who went to China collecting various seeds. On his return journey he was robbed of all his possessions apart from the seeds, so this is known as the ' robbers clematis '

  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 24,515

    That's another goody.

    I need some more of these. Is autumn or spring the best time to plant? When do you reckon to send them out?

    I keep looking your catalogue, decisions are so difficult, I want them all. 

    I've emailed Kathy Brown re the blue one.

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    If you value the rest of your garden do not plant this thug.My Angel that is. It has taken over one section of ours and despite being treated with weed killer it still comes up. It has even gone through a concrete raft and come up on the other side of it. This is the Japanese knotweed of Clematis.

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    As Berghill says, clematis My Angel is a brute.  If you have a large garden with a dead tree maybe, then it would quickly cover it, but definitely not for a small garden.

    Lots of cutting material here if anyone wants me to send some to try, it will soon root.

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