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Derelict Garden

Our new neighbours (rental) have a reasonable-size London garden, but nothing had been done with it for several years until the landlord had it cleared a few months ago.

It's now basically a patch of flattish, poor-quality, soil that's sprouting hundreds of what are probably some kind of tree.

The garden is very shady - house at the North end, a high wall at the Southern end, and trees to the East and West.

As it's a rental, they don't want to spend much money, but some sort of lawn at the very least, with the option to start a few beds would be nice.

I guess the first question then is how to clear the current crop of weeds/young trees, and how to get a lawn going in such a shaded area. Alternatively, can they just mow the very young saplings (?) and just seed it with a shade-resistant grass?

Any advice? I can post a few photos and I'm trying to work out exactly what it is that's sprouting up everywhere. I think it's Ash.

Oh, and for added fun, every cat in the neighbourhood has been doing its business there since it was cleared (well, it did look like the world's biggest cat-litter tray).

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