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Are these both oak trees?

somapopsomapop Posts: 71

Hi all.

Spotted two 'baby' plants growing as I was weeding at the weekend. One growing behind the shed and under conifers; one growing behind some outdoor furniture also under conifers. How they both managed to thrive there, I don't know!

Pretty sure one of them is definitely a type of oak (the pic with the redder leaves) but the other I'm not too sure of. I've since moved them to an open spot so they can continue to grow (the 'oak' had an acorn at the bottom still).

Any ideas folks?



Many thanks!


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,366

    yes they are

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • somapopsomapop Posts: 71

    Thanks nutcutlet...had a 'discussion' with my mother at the weekend whom insisted the greener leaved plant wasn't an oak.

    Is it possible to identify the variety from the leaves...or are they both the same tree with a 'different upbringng'?

    Many thanks!

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  • If there's an oak tree with a few hundred yards of your garden, the most likely thing is that the acorns are from that tree and have been "planted" either by squirrels or by jays.  I've seen them do it!  As  result I now have several tiny oaks growing at the base of a hawthorn hedge alongside my driveway. 

    There are probably more than 24 varieties of oak to be found in UK woodlands/country estates - some of the more unusual ones were deliberately planted by the land owners themselves to add variety.


  • somapopsomapop Posts: 71

    Thanks very much - they look identical shape wise, but much different in co!our and texture. I guess growing in different locations has led to this? Only one had an acorn attached though which put  me off the scent a little..

    I'll give them both love :)

    Cheers all.

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