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help my Hebe

i revedit

i it looked like was going to be fone fine. It is in my green housre but still weaking. I love and i wamt to have them on my gatden please help


  • FairygirlFairygirl Posts: 54,837

    Hebes are hardy outdoor plants. Sitting it in water (?) in a vase won't be very good for it.

    Can you offer more information about it's condition?  Also, soil condition, aspect, where you are in the country, or are you not in Britain? A photo would really help too. 

    All these things can have an effect on the advice offered  image

    It's a place where beautiful isn't enough of a word....

    I live in west central Scotland - not where that photo is...
  • i am a new gardener, this is my second year,,,, i hate the hard part but i love the results,,  i love my plants individually as a like the cats,,,, 

    i buy them very small because of the price and is more rewarding to see them grow ,,, 

    i got my Hebe,  did not know anything about, i looked the flower and i got it, i planted in a bigger vase and left for a season, last year i planted in the end of winter... 

    my garden in the left side is rockery and higher than the right , the right is damp about all year around a top soil and clay under, lot of earth worms, use to have  hedges all over the fences, i hated so when i got the Ash and the oak tree cut the branches, i got hid of the whole hedges.... 

    and i decided to put fences and planting around, the hedges were there for about 40 years, so the soil was very rich... i got hid of most of the weeds now i only have those american look like violets with a pretty yellow flower,  everywhere is covered with seeds, i wait to grow and take out, but is too much so i do by parts of the garden.... i wish i could divide myself because the only person that knows what to do it is other gardner, 

    so i am clearing slowly 

    back to the HEBE, after a season in vase , it was very strong so i planted in the right side, the more damp and wet one, was doing fine and i think some snails and slugs must eat the leaves, but when i noticed was very poorly so i transplanted to a vase before was outside but did not get better and the branches were dieing, 

    Now it is inside, it is a bit better the last branch at the back seems alright, but i am very upset,

    i lost 5 azaleas, a few rhododendrons , i have several meters of fences and a 70 ft garden, has two matures trees,  a oak and a ash.... i wanted to cover the fences with flowers and evergreen shrubs.

    ut some areas are good for some plants and some for others, it is difficult to find the balance...

    also i have a big front garden..when rains become a big pond

    ..i got more Hebes with soil is better to plant hebes, i bought 10 differents in a package 10 , the deal was to good to leave.... 

    so i want to save my hebe and my rhodendon and plant the new hebes, so i have differents soils 


    thank you ,,,, i am sorry i wrote toomuch

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