Oops- Pumpkins spread!

I planted some pumpkins in my raised bed this year not realizing how big they get- is it too late to trellis train them or should i try to transplant them in a larger space?? They are taking over!


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  • The dogs will trample it if it trails....and it seems to want to spread over the beans and cucumbers instead of towards the ground

  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 8,087

    Depends also which variety you are growing....the smaller fruits will take being trained upwards if you take into account your support.

    The large ( and consequently heavier ) jobs are best left to trail on the ground.  You may find that you want to consider at what point you will "stop" either sort ?  We may be lucky and get a good long season but consider how many fruit will actually be likely to ripen sufficiently.  Best to have fewer but ripe than many and unripeimage

  • To stop them do you just trim them? First time pumpkiner! They are white- I will try and find the tag i put in the ground with them...

  • philippa smith2philippa smith2 Posts: 8,087

    Pinch out the growing point beyond 2 or 3 fruits.  They will form more laterals but you do the same thing with them.  

    It's not always easy to assess how many of your fruits will ripen.....weather, etc. but you will learn as you go along.........that's how most of us do it anywayimage

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