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Mislabelled Lily bulbs at Wilko

We bought a packet of 3 Asiatic Lily 'Grand Cru' bulbs from Wilko last January. They're currently in flower but they're not Grand Cru, which is yellow with red blotches. Our flower is a deep reddish-orange - the photo is less red.  We're not complaining, as we like the one we have, but has anyone experienced getting the wrong bulbs from Wilko.

If anyone has a Wilko Lily which looks like ours, we'd love to know the name of it. It's 80cms/32ins in height.  image



  • Ladybird4Ladybird4 Posts: 36,842

    Something similar but not lilies and not Wilko's, I bought a white trailing begonia corm (don't tell Monty Don!) and it is the most beautiful yellow begonia ever! Too pretty for me to get annoyed about as I'm sure you aren't about your lovely lily. I found two that I thought might be something similar to yours - allowing for dfferent monitors showing different shades, one was called Jet Fire and the other was Red Night.

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    A couple of seasons ago, bought 6 packs of Salome daffs from them, a real bargain I thought, poor me!

    They all turned out to be a small miserable pale yellow cup variety, total waste of money!

    As I had not kept neither the packaging or receipt I did not complain!

    This was not the first time with them that I have not got what I bought,and they never are better than they should be, always inferior!

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    if you want good quality plants, that are what they are supposed to be, you need a nursery rather than a supermarket or hardware store. These stores couldn't possibly guarantee what they buy in from the mass producers and still sell them at the price they do.

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  • I checked out Jet Fire and Red Night but it's so hard to really tell with so many similar varieties.
    Maybe Wilko will have more next year so I'll check them out.  Wilko start selling their Bulbs, Dahlia's and Perennials as early as mid-January which, to me, is far too early in the year.

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