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what are these insects?

I found four of these creatures sunk their stingers into my rose branches. Does anyone know what they are and if they are harmful, please?



  • ShepsSheps Posts: 2,198

    It's one of the Argid Sawflies ( probably a female ARGE ROSAE ) which is laying its eggs in your Rose stems.


  • Thanks Sheps, it always amazes me each time i go out in my garden i see something new ! iv'e been gardening quite a long time and still know nothing it's very humbleing as well as keeping me wanting to know more. Great ! ! 

                                 Thanks again Tony.

  • ShepsSheps Posts: 2,198

    No problem, Tony


  • Y-C LinY-C Lin Posts: 2

    Thanks Sheps. Last year my patio rose played nursery to baby wormy sawflies, now I know what their mums look like! image

  • Wow image

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