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I hope someone can tell me what's causing this and what I should do about it. Getting very confused with googling! Multi stemmed Betula Jacquemonti planted 5 months ago, has grown well but now some of the leaves are shredded and brown.




  • waterbuttswaterbutts Posts: 1,214

    hello Terri It's getting on in the year now and plants are starting to look a bit the worse for wear. lots of things could have made the leaves go brown, wind, drought, insects...If you look at the tree as a whole, it seems to me that only a tiny fraction of the leaves have this problem. I wouldn't worry about them. There will be a whole lot of beautiful new leaves next spring to replace them.image

  • Thanks waterbutts, was a bit worried when one website said leaf miner should be treated because it weakens the tree and then burrowing insects could kill it! 

    So will believe you instead image

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