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Heavily scented flowers

Kai_63Kai_63 Posts: 81

I have a few gaps in my border and a window box to fill and I want to grow scented plants (less than 50cm spread and 70m or so in height that you can smell a mile off!

I only seem to be able to smell the biggest plants in my garden (jasmine and clematis armandi) along with what I thought were Spanish bluebells but may be a hybrid as they had a lovely smell.

But I planted choisya, sarcacocca, herbs, stocks and phlox before and I couldn't smell any of them unless I was right up close.

We have  SE and SW gardens getting a mix of partial sun, full sun and full shade so all varieties welcome. Ideally I want low maintence plants and a mix of plants that flower all year round.

Any suggestions welcome. Too much to ask? Thanks.


  • If you have too many scents in one place it'll smell horrible instead of smelling lovely. I would recommend finding a smell pallate you like and choosing complimenting smells. For example I have a section of my garden just for lovely base smells like apple (pelargoniums Apple,int and a rose I can't remember the name of). Go to a garden centre or nursery and smell away until you find something you love.

  • Zaluzianskya is small enough for a window box, and has a powerful scent in the evening. 

  • autumngloryautumnglory Posts: 255

    I'd put scented nemesia scented lady in the window boxes. It smells lovely!

  • Kai_63Kai_63 Posts: 81

    Thank you all.

    Allotmentlady - I don't think I need to worry about having too many smells in one place, either my sense of smell is terrible or for some reason the many plants I listed in my post (which are still in the garden) just aren't strong enough!

    As I am looking for year round scent some of the plants may not currently be in flower in the garden centre so any tips are welcome.


  • Kai_63Kai_63 Posts: 81

    Great thanks, yes sorry I meant different plants that will bring scent through different seasons. Will try that thread.

  • I'd go for pinks every time - mine flower and are scented in a trough (similar to a window box but at ground level) for about 9 months of the year.  In the spring there are also some scented primroses - you'd have to test them out before you buy though as the GC's never mention scent.

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