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Found rose not sure what it is

Hi, I found a rose a few years ago in my back garden. I never thought much of it till we moved. I had it dug up and replanted in a new area and it has now begun to bloom. There is a strong upright stem and also a part that is growing along the ground. The first rose has opened up as a beautiful dark pink double and a very strong fragrance. I have never seen one like this and would appreciate any info please.image


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    It is really too difficult to identify a rose by name as so many of them look very much alike. It looks very much like a Hybrid Tea rose. You may be able to send a picture to one of the big rose growers and they will be able to help you. Just enjoy the fact that you found this beautiful rose in your garden - lucky thing! image

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  • Thank you. I will do that. image

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