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Problem with Honeysuckle


A month ago my honeysuckle was full of leaves & looked very healthy. Now there seems to be a lot of dead wood & leaves are sparse. There are barely any flowers in bud. The same cycle happened last year. I've attached pictures & hope someone can advise.  Thank you!


  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Suzyq, well it's in full sun, they're woodland plants, so do better with partial shade, and I'll bet its dry at the roots. I'd move it personally to a semi shaded position and keep it well watered till well into Autumn. Next year keep it well watered as they do need plenty of moisture at the roots. They're tough old things so it'll do a lot better for a move.

  • Suzyq2909Suzyq2909 Posts: 14

    That's very helpful Dave thank you. I have another one which is sheltered by a wall & it looks so much healthier than this one so your advice makes perfect sense

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