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New to having a greenhouse

Hi everybody.

I have just got my first greenhouse ( my elderly neighbour didn't want it anymore) and my tomatoes are loving it. However what I'd really love to grow is soft fruit, particularly Nectarines in a large pot. Any advice would be appreciated. Do I have to buy a self-fertile one? Will it survive overwinter in the greenhouse? Are there particular types that are more suitable?

As I say, any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks all.


  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,147

    How big is your greenhouse?  Even a dwarf peach/nectarine is going to grow to about 4 - 5 ft and, unless they have vastly improved the cultivars, I believe that the yield for such compact trees is very low, and may not be worth the effort (you would have to hand-pollinate the flowers, for example).  Perhaps your ambition is a little too much at such an early stage with your greenhouse.  You could research other fruit (melons?) and find it less difficult and more productive.

    There may be others who more direct experience, but I have always been led to believe that these fruit trees do best on a south-facing wall (which retains warmth) and I'm not sure that a GH would be the best environment.

    Just had a second thought - what about a vine?  Lovely grapes, take some looking after, but worth it!

  • violon340violon340 Posts: 25

    Hi and thanks for the reply. The greenhouse is (in old money - sorry) 6ft 6in tall at the centre, 8ft long and 6ft wide. It's a traditional greenhouse shape so it's not so high at the sides. I'll have a look at vines - although I do remember Monty Dons' being eaten (by wasps)? when he left the window open.

    Thanks. Martin.

  • pr1mr0sepr1mr0se Posts: 1,147

    I wouldn't take Monty Don's experiences as a satisfactory guide to all things horticultural tbh.  But if you research a bit you may find something that will satisfy your desire for fruit etc without too much hassle.  Yours is a pretty average sized GH and it doesn't sound too promising on the nectarine front, I suspect.  Good luck, and keep us patched in with how things go!

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