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Help I think my mint plant is dying

imageHello this is my first time trying to grow a mint plant I brought one a week ago at the supermarket brought it home put it in a dish and gave it  a little water the next day I decided to take it outside for some sunlight totally forgot about it until around 6 I went to bring it in and noticed that all the leaves were dead and it was extremely dry. I live out in California and it gets hot up here in the valley. It hasn't been right since I tried to clip the top of the plant off but it hasn't helped any in fact I noticed that the roots are coming out the bottom and now the stems are dying. I don't know what to do can someone help me?


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    The supermarket mints are forced in  controlled light and temperatures so they tend to be too soft and weak to grow on. You would be better buying one from a garden centre or get a root from someone who grows it already. Mint spreads prolifically and should be kept in a pot to stop it from trying to take over the world! Some suprmarket herbs will grow quite happily outside e.g. Greek basil and chives.

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    Hopefully it's not dead.
    Trim off the dead bits and give it some tlc and try not to let it dry out again and soon new shoots should start popping up through the compost.
    I'd keep it outside somewhere shaded for a while to recover, keep it moist, and when it starts growing again, put it in a bigger pot - it wont dry out as quickly.

    Mint plants are cross-bred back to water mint, so they are used to being in a damp environment.

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