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Sprouting broccoli

I am incandescent to find my bed of newly planted sprouting broccoli plants has been decimated by the rabbit. This despite being netted...I am wondering, the plants were well established, are they likely to re-sprout or should I cut my losses and re-sow?


  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,102

    Depends how much the little darling ate. If there is something left with what appears to be a leaf or few, then they might get going again. Best to cover them in rigid, metal mesh that can't be gnawed through.

  • steve howesteve howe Posts: 55

    There are some signs of life after a couple days of warm rain. I'm hedging my bets and sown again on the basis that when the seedlings are ready to go out, any previous  survivors should be back up to speed. Everything now covered in wire netting!

    BTW my interpretation of "the rabbit" (singular) comes from when I shared an allotment with a bunch of 'old boys' who always referred to 'the rabbit' as an individual, when in fact there were dozens of the blighters. It sort of goes parallel with 'Public Enemy Number One' to refer to the species as an individual!


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