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Young fox

Kitty 2Kitty 2 ManchesterPosts: 5,150

Just went out to see what was making such a racket in the garden and found this young fellow stuck in the gap behind the plastic greenhouse.


He must have slipped and fallen off the fence. I looked down the side and he's just sat there looking back, he was turning around when I snapped this. Managed to shoo him in the right direction for his escape. image

Hopefully he's learned his lesson (not to balance on my rickety fence) and will be fine. 

May I also say how upset I was seeing the footage on the BBC this morning of baby foxes being used to train the hounds to kill. I had to switch it off, I couldn't bear it image

Absolutely barbaric. image


  • pottiepampottiepam Posts: 203

    It was barbaric, Kitty. I'm sure foxhounds don't need to be trained to kill, the instinct would be there already.

    I saw a lovely sight last week. Five fox cubs were chasing one of them who'd caught a rabbit and they were screaming and snarling at each other. I watched them for quite a while as they were more concerned about sharing the rabbit.

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