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Good garden centres/nurseries between London and North Yorkshire?

We're taking a long August Bank Holiday family holiday near York, driving up and down from London. 

Because baby is still so young, we'll need to make stops. So I was wondering if anyone is familiar with any good GC's or nurseries that are near the main roads on this route? Maybe with somewhere to have a cup of tea or coffee?



  • Try hardTry hard Posts: 25

    You could try Roxton Garden Centre on the A1 at the Black Cat round about, this is north of Biggleswade/Sandy. They do nice lunches, teas and is easy to get back onto A1. Just had a lovely lunch there and got some good vegetable plants which you don't see at all GC. Hope that helps. I've travelled a few times to Leeds when my daughter lived there so not a bad road as long as you don't mind roundabouts. 

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICTPosts: 11,533


    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 11,822

    If you're going up the M1, at junction 27,turn left for half a mile, turn left and down a long drive to Felley Priory nursery and tea room. So close to the M1, but a little oasis of calm.

    It's not a mess, it's a nature reserve.
  • clairegreenlowclairegreenlow Posts: 125

    AH Breezyknees! This one came up on GoogleMaps. Glad to hear it recommended. 

    Thank you all for your recommendations - will explore them!

  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    Aylett Nurseries in St Albans. Very child friendly and their jacket potatoes are excellent!

  • KeenOnGreenKeenOnGreen Posts: 389

    Used to visit Stephen Smiths' at Otley, very large, and soooooo much cheaper than London.  Keep the credit cards in the glove compartment!

  • If you're going down the M42 at all there's Planters at Tamworth, that's my favourite garden centre. 

  • TooeyTooey Posts: 87

    I can 2nd Ayletts and Roxton! I work near Ayletts and live near Roxton so I'm a frequent visitor to both. image

  • Andy LeedsAndy Leeds Posts: 499

    I live in Leeds (no surprise there), and quite often go to Langlands Garden centre.  They have one in York and one (that I go to) just off the M1 on the A64.  There are others too but that one is the best and closest to your route in Leeds (in my opinion....).

    Also has a good cafe onsite.

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  • Aster2Aster2 Posts: 629

    Tooey, I'd go bankrupt if I worked near Ayletts! image

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