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growing from seed

emmapynnemmapynn Posts: 65

hi all, I am very new to gardening but iv decided I would like to have a go at growing some things from seed. is it too late/early to start trying to grow some things to put out next year ? what would you recommend I try that's easy ?! I have a conservatory that gets very warm but not a greenhouse


  • Sophie17Sophie17 Posts: 342

    I've just sown some foxgloves i sowed 14 last year and had 12 healthy plants that I planted out a few weeks ago ready to flower next year. I don't have a greenhouse anymore either but started them on a window tray

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,575

    Biennials are the thing to plant now. The foxgloves mentioned by Sophie17 are an obvious place to start plus wallflowers and forget-me-nots for next spring. Look through any decent seed company's catalogue/web site for biennials to get some inspiration.

    Seeds from things such as opium poppies and nigella can be dropped about the garden to start growing for next year when they will flower in June. They self seed freely so once you have the first year's crop, you shouldn't need to plant them ever again.

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