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  • I grew some carrots last season and was disappointing at first that they didn't seem to grow, but they came in and I got a decent tasty yield. I too had problems with rocky soil with took some elbow grease to get rid of most of the rocks. Using a lot of potting soil and mulch will greatly improve the soil. Haven't done raised gardening yet but thinking of having a raised bed next season.
  • I love roat vegetables puree, all the more from vegetables that I grow in my garden.
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  • I dug up some carrots from my garden which were planted in the autumn. Two were fine, one was forked and the other was very strong and dry.

    I also dug up my potatoes which I grew in a container and got lots of new potatoes. How do I store them. The yield was better than last year.
  • Please can you advise me as to what ailment has caused some of my potatoes to turn into white oozing puss-ridden gunge? Is it something airbourne or does the culprit reside in the soil.

    Furthermore, do I pick my apples when they are the right size or when they are the right colour?

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,254

    Alan , your potatoes sound like they have a nasty blight fungus. Do they smell? Did the top leaves turn brown?

    You pick aples when they will part easily from the tree. If you cut one in half and the pips are brown, then they are ready. Size and redness depends on variety and crop load on the tree.

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