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Bank Voles

Hello from a new member!

We seem to have a large family of Bank Voles in the garden, we love to watch their antics BUT they now are causing havoc in our flower garden, digging up and eating bulbs, biting off the heads of small flowers, also have seen them climbing into the blackcurrant bush taking the unripe fruit from the boughs.

Any ideas how to discourage them would be most helpful, we don't want to dispose of them!



  • FlyfiferFlyfifer Posts: 167

    Hello jazzi welcome to the forum. We had a similar problem with voles digging tunnels in the edge of our grass(can't really call it a lawn),  we learned to live with them until they moved on so can't help with a suggestion but am sure someone will be able to.

    There is a lot of very knowledgeable people on here so I am sure someone will come forward.

    Good luck.

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