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Apple tree pest

I have discovered bore holes in my James Grieve eating apple in spite of spraying earlier this year (just before bud burst).

The holes are about 2.5mm across


Inside it looks like a moth grub...


I shall obviously remove affected fruit as I find it but I am wondering whether there is anything else,I can do - eg with sprays - to 'catch' (ie destroy) these grubs before they become moths themselves?

(I presume they are moth grubs?)


  • could be codling moth? You can buy pheromone traps that stop them reproducing or but sticky stuff round the trunk to stop the grubs crawing up the tree. 

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 16,695

    Yes, I would say Codling moth. Use pheromone traps from when flower buds start to open. Hang fat balls in trees to encourage blue tits.

  • Birdy13Birdy13 Posts: 595

    I must have had a 'senior month' in May (as opposed to a senior moment) image  Took my eye off the ball this year.

    I have actually had the pheromone traps in my greenhouse, waiting for the right month (which I think is May)... and then I forgot to set them up on the trees.

    GGRRrrr!! image

    it's obviously too late for those now but I still wonder if there is some sort of spray for the fruit that will catch the grubs as they emerge.

    I like the idea of bringing in the bluetit brigade and shall put some fat balls out for them on the trees.

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